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 The Rhumba ...... most people think of the slow passionate Cuban dance, but the word has a colorful history coming from two unrelated origins - one of African decent meaning celebration and another from sailing history used to describe  the course of a ship "Rhumb-line".


A Dance, a celebration, and the course of a ship ..... how perfect!  This is the life we aspire to!  We are Doug and Elena, a couple who are following our dream of living on a boat and sailing around the world.  We enjoy our "Rhumba" so much that we've decided to share  - and to invite people to be part or our Journey. 


Our Charter business is slightly different from most in that we are continuing our circumnavigation and are never in one location for more than a few months.  We are not a high volume business and carefully select our guests as surely as our guests carefully select us.  All our charters are multi-day all inclusive for up to four people.   


I hope you enjoy looking through our website!  If you have questions or are interested in joining us please send us an email  - we will respond as soon as possible.   

CURRENT RHUMBA NEWS:  Updated Feb4, 2017


  • We are currently in Borneo Malaysia and working our way southwest to Singapore and then up to Thailand.
  • Our plan is to be in the Phuket area for at least 6 months as we have numerous groups booked up into August 2017.. 
  • After Thailand we will most likely continue west into the Indian Ocean with some chartering opportunities in the Maldives, Seychelles,  and Madagascar area..  
  • I have uploaded some spectacular pictures onto Photo Gallery Page from our recent travels in Palau, Philippines, and Indonesia - and will soon update with some SE Asia Photos 
  • This new website is still under construction - enjoy what's here - and check back for updates and additions.

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